Pakistan Hemani Natural Aniseed Oil 30ml Minyak Jintan Manis
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Aniseed oil in a natural base.  

Some of the major benefits of Anise or Aniseed Oil include; 

Relieves stomach cramps — Mix five drops of anise oil with 1 tablespoon of almond oil and massage unto your stomach

Freshens breath — Mix one to two drops with warm water and use as a gargle

Relieves respiratory conditions (colds, coughs, flu and asthma) — Place two to three drops in a diffuser, or use in steam inhalation to clear phlegm and mucus

Eases menstrual pain — Add two to three drops in a carrier oil and use as a massage oil in the affected area

Treats hiccups — Use two to three drops in steam inhalation

Treats nausea, migraine and vertigo — Place two to three drops on a cloth and inhale

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